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Sniper S / S Spring
  • Sniper S / S Spring

    The Sniper series is a Zipless wetsuit that keeps water out. Two types of full suits with 5mm / 3mm thickness and 3mm rubber thickness, 3mm / 2mm rubber thickness seagull, 3mm / 2mm rubber thickness long sleeve (L / S) spring suit, short sleeve (S / S) spring suit are lined up. I will.


    Size order (custom order) will be 20% UP.


    Option: Stitch designation is plus 5,000 yen. Color order is plus 10 to 20%. Elbow pad is plus 5,000 yen.


    In the photo, the fabric type is Extend and the rubber thickness is 3/2 mm.


    Shipping is free throughout Japan.

    • Sniper Series価格表

      Style ゴム厚 Extend Air Light
      Seagull 3/2 mm ¥88,000 ¥99,000
      L/S Spring 3/2 mm ¥77,000 ¥88,000
      S/S Spring 3/2 mm ¥71,500 ¥82,500



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