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3. Order a wetsuit.

Founder of Zero Company

Tadashi Kawaminami Biography


Born in Zaimokuza, Kamakura City in 1948

Moved to Inamuragasaki at the age of 3

Graduated from Inamuragasaki Elementary School, Onari Junior High School, St. Michael Gakuin High School

1967 Entered Nihon University Veterinary School

1970 Dropped out of Nihon University Veterinary School

1971 Joined the trading company "McDonald Shokai" in Yokohama

1972 Established a trading company "Kawaminami Shokai" from three overseas companies including O'Neill and see-through from the United States.

Imported wet suits. We also import children's clothing and food from Germany, and used clothing with the United States.

Start exporting and domestic sales

1973 Started importing and selling used clothing from US Surfer magazine, California T-shirts.

1977 Started selling domestically produced wetsuits for surfing

1978 Started in-house production of wet suits and changed the company name to "Inapoli Trading"

1987 Leaves the company

1988 Established "Zero Company"

Started production of wet suits in 1991 and continues to the present day


Zero Company


4-25-7 Harajuku, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

PHONE: 045 443 6656

FAX: 045 443 6651


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