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Long John

Long John

Wetsuits series for summer. The lineup includes vests, long-sleeved jackets (L / S), short-sleeved jackets (S / S), long johns, and short johns. Basically, it is a back zip type wetsuit, but a front zip type is also available. Front zip wetsuits are originally for diving, but have recently become popular among surfers who miss the old days. Front zip jackets and vests, as well as shoulder velcro long johns are lined up as summer series items.


Size order (custom order) will be 20% UP.


Option: Stitch designation is plus 5,000 yen. Color order is plus 10 to 20%.


The type of fabric in the photo is Extend and back zip type.


Shipping is free throughout Japan.

  • SUMMER SERIES価格表(バックジップ・タイプ)

    Style Extend Air Light
    Long John ¥66,000 ¥88,000
    Short John ¥55,000 ¥77,000


  • SUMMER SERIES価格表(肩ベルクロ・タイプ)

    Style Extend Air Light
    Long John ¥88,000 ¥99,000
    Short John ¥77,000 ¥88,000


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