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Rubber heat retention survey Part 3

In Japan, the origin of wetsuits made for surfing is uncertain. Originally I wore a wetsuit for diving for surfing, so it's hard to say which company started making it when. O'Neill's wetsuit-like, which made the first wetsuit for surfing in the United States, was started by various manufacturers, such as Victory, Dub, and Zero (Rush) at that time. But Victory was originally a diving wetsuit maker, so strictly speaking, dub was the first to make a surfing wetsuit. After that, I think we started making fits about two years later. Wetsuits may have begun to be made in rural areas, but it wasn't easy to use them for surfing, so I think they are the three companies. But the wetsuit market is dominated by diving, and there is an industry group called the Wetsuit Industry Association, where manufacturers of wetsuits for diving dominate, and all wetsuits The standard is unified for diving. That's why we don't participate there. For that reason, there is still no standard for surfing wetsuits. The standard of the Wetsuit Industry Association is a standard devised based on the wetsuit for diving, so everyone is the same as how to measure the measure of the wetsuit. Wetsuits for diving will be unified in such a place, so surfing wetsuit makers will not be able to create their own wetsuit sizing. In the case of surfing, paddling is 90%, so I think we should pursue the shape of a wet suit that is easy to paddling, but other manufacturers are saying how the heat retention is, water I don't think it's for diving, but if it's for surfing, I think the idea is a little off. (to be continued)



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