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1. Choose the shape of your wetsuit

The best outfit from winter to spring

Super series air dome.

The highest rank of full suits sold by Zero Wetsuits is Airdome. The upper body is made very large to eliminate the poor movement of the full suit. This product is different from other manufacturers, who cheat the products in this series with dry suits for diving. Dry suits for diving have boots underneath. It's not a bad idea to stand on a soft shortboard deck with boots. I'm wondering what I'm thinking about, but I think I'm using it because it's cold, so I can't help it, and because the dry suit is warm, but I used to use it a long time ago. I've worn it, but water may not come in because it's diving quietly like diving, but when it's wrapped in waves, water comes in here and there. Then there is no point in a dry suit. Since I surf myself, I thought of this air dome, which is easy to wear and move, and has a double neck (Neck Rest, or neck overall). The outside is designed to be fastened with Velcro. (Kawaminami Masanori)


For example, Cobra

Even in the summer, Cobra is an excellent product that is easy to use.

We think the reason we first made the cobra is the combination of 2mm and 1mm wetsuits, which makes this wetsuit the thinnest fullsuit. The reason I made this is that the players, including professionals, started making it with the concept of a wetsuit that can withstand the cold for as long as 20 to 30 minutes during the match. It's the same when you put it on, and it's a full suit that you can easily take off when you take it off. It's a normal standard back zip wetsuit, but if it's 20 to 30 minutes, it can withstand midwinter. Extend's 1mm flatskin sleeves are attached to the Extend fabric. The chest is 2mm smoked skin and the lower body is 2mm double jersey. At first, we made it for athletes, but when we wear it, it's surprisingly good. It's very useful in the summer, on cold, windy days, in the mornings and evenings, and also as a jellyfish and sometimes sunshade. It's also good to wear this so as not to get sunburned. When it gets hot, you can cool it by pouring water around your neck, and the thin rubber makes it a windbreaker when the wind blows, which is surprisingly easy to use. Customers who bought the cobra say that it can be used for the whole of December. However, after January, the water is so cold that I can't wear it. Since the water is warm in December, you can usually stay in the sea for about 2 hours. (Kawaminami Masanori)

2. Choose the wetsuit fabric (rubber) and fabric color.
2-1. Select the material (rubber) of the wet suit.

Fabric types: Wetsuits for surfing are available in rubber front and jersey front. If the table is rubber, there are types such as unprocessed flat skin, processed mesh skin, shark skin, etc., but for zero wet suit, two types of flat skin and mesh skin (also known as smoke skin) are available. doing.

A. Skin type Fabric type


Flat skin


Mesh skin or smoke skin


Shark skin (not available)

B. Types of jersey fabrics

The name of the fabric will change depending on what type of jersey the back side (or double jersey with jersey on the front side) is pasted. There are three types of fabrics on the back (even on the front side), and the price of jersey fabrics depends on whether it is a brushed type (nylon + polyester: Z-1), nylon (Air Light), or polyester (Extend). It will change. Extend is the cheapest and brushed Z-1 is the most expensive jersey fabric.


Extend: Polyester jersey that extends only in one direction. Recently, Extend, which has a weave similar to that of Air Light, has come out, and some fabrics extend in all directions.

Air Light: Nylon jersey that stretches well in all directions.

Z-1: Zero wetsuit finest fabric with brushed jersey on the lining.

2-2. Choose a jersey fabric color.

Nylon (Air Light) and polyester (Extend) jersey fabric colors can be selected. The Zero Wetsuit is available in 14 colors. The color symbol K represents a neon color.

Color sample

ZERO_Color Chart.jpg
2-3. Select the thickness of the rubber.

There is a research report that the thicker the rubber, the more heat-retaining effect it has, but the zero wetsuit is available in 5mm, 3mm, 2mm, and 1mm according to various situations and usages. For example, depending on the season, the thickness of the fabric varies from region to region, and the thickness of the fabric varies depending on the style and shape of the wetsuit.


Z-1 fabric with the warmest brushed jersey on a 3.5mm rubber thick fabric lining


This brushed fabric, called a shelter, is knitted with polyester and orange nylon threads.

3. Order a wetsuit.

When ordering a wetsuit, follow the size chart below to order the wetsuit size (S, M, ML, L for men, S, M, L for women). However, if you don't match the numbers in the size chart below, or if you want a wetsuit that fits perfectly, please order custom.

3. Order a wetsuit.

Size chart

4. Custom order a wetsuit.

When custom ordering a wetsuit, it's important to measure your size accurately. If you want a fit wetsuit, it's a good idea to order from a specialty shop that is accustomed to custom ordering wetsuits, especially a surf shop near you, and have them measure the size of each part. Please download the order sheet below, fill in each item and send it to Zero Company by fax, email, mail, etc. For Zero Wetsuits, for custom orders, the price of the wetsuit is 20 Please note that the percentage will be added as wages.

Zero wetsuit order sheet

Custom order procedure


First, decide on the style of the wetsuit, that is, whether it is Fullsuits or Seagull, and the shape of the wetsuit.


Next, decide the type of rubber and the thickness of the rubber. If you want the front side to be a skin, also select the skin type. For double-sided jersey, choose the type of jersey fabric.


There are three types of non-zip type wetsuits, Sniper, Air Dome, and Spring Roll, so choose according to your purpose and purpose.


For zip type wetsuits, there are Normal zipper type and waterproof type Aquaseal, so choose either one.


In addition, there are shoulder velcro type and back zip type for long john and short john, and front zip and back zip type for jacket.


Determine the color of the jersey fabric for the upper, side and lower body of the wetsuit. You can also choose the color of the elbow pad and stitch thread as an option.


Since it is possible to specify the presence / absence of the ZERO mark and the position of the mark, specify the presence / absence of the mark or the position of the mark on each part of the wetsuit.



Finally, measure the size of each part of yourself and fill out the order sheet. Item XYZ is for women. Please refer to the video below of the measurement.


Please contact us in advance for the delivery date.

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